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COVID-19 Masks, Shields, Hand Sanitizing Stations

PPE, Hand Sanitizing Stations - Allied ToolsStaying safe and healthy has become a major focus for our customers, staff, and families alike. Allied Tools wants to ensure that they take all appropriate steps to ensure good health and follow all safety guidelines. Help us continue to stand together, and practice good health hygiene through the use of our Personal Protective Equipment supplies and Hand Sanitizing Stations. We have:

   -- Maks and Face Shields

   -- Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant

   -- No Touch Infer Red Thermometer

   -- Basic and Deluxe Hand Sanitizer Stations (Can have logos and advertising placed on stations)

Click on the links below to see a printable listing of our PPE Supplies and Hand Sanitizing Stations.Then contact us today at (502) 966-4114 and let us help you with your COVID-19 supply needs.


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