Stocking Distributor - Tools & Industrial Supplies

Stocking Distributor - Tools and Industrial Supplies - Allied Tools, Inc

Allied Tools - Industrial Distributor for Craftsmen Tools Line

Allied Tools is happy to announce that we are now an Industrial Distributor for the Craftsmen Tools Line. Craftsmen is a well-known and well-regarded maker of industrial tools for all types of industry. They are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.

Be sure to give us a call toll-free at (800) 275-5597 or go to our Contact page to e-mail your sales contact to learn more about this exciting news!

Allied Tools, Inc. is a stocking distributor for over 250 tool and industrial suppliers. We deal with only the top vendors in the industry. These include:

    • LENOX
    • VSM Abrasives
    • CGW
    • YOKOTA.

As you can see from our list, we pride ourselves in working with reputable manufacturers who offer quality products.  Our product lines include:

    • Abrasives
    • Pneumatic Tools and Products
    • Cutting Tools
    • Hand Tools
    • Electric Tools
    • Machine Tools
    • Production Tools
    • Material Handling Products
    • Maintenance Supplies
    • Safety Equipment, Supplies, Glasses, Goggles and Gloves
    • Fasteners

With our experience in the industry and our excellent service reputation, you get an unbeatable combination for all your company or individual needs.  Contact us and let us show you what we can do for you and your company!


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Did You Know??

Allied Announces New Product Catalogue On-Line!!

Allied Tools Inc is announcing a new on-line catalogue for its' customers. You can order any of Allied's fine products through the Catalogue page. All you have to do is order from the catalogue and then submit your credit card information for processing.

Get your products quickly and easily with our new Products Catalogue!!!


Allied Tools is an Ingersoll-Rand Warranty Shop!!

Allied Tools is a certified Ingersoll-Rand warranty shop for repairing your Ingersoll-Rand products. Just give us a call and let us do the work for you!


Allied Tools Can Weld Your Band Saw Blades!!

Allied Tools has certified welders who can weld your band saw blades. We are the only vendor able to do this work in the Louisville area. If you have a need to repair a band saw blade, just give us a call!